Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Cannabis seeds for sale on the internet?

 This is an article that had to be written. A lot of people in the cannabis community want to know about these "cannabis seeds for sale" and if they should purchase them off the internet. A lot of these online websites promise to give to have "cheap cannabis seeds for sale" so I wanted to test their claims.
One website in particular is Herbies Head Shop. They have been around a long time and many people want to know if they should purchase from them. Well, luckily I am here to give you my in depth thoughts on the site, so keep reading. 

So what are my thoughts on these cannabis seeds for sale online?

 First off, The Cannabis Wiki does not condone the purchasing of any illegal drugs. Now that BS is out the way, here is my experience. So I first heard about Herbies Head Shop on a cannabis legalization forum years ago. It was a forum user asking people's thoughts on the site and if they had ever purchase seeds from them. This really ignited my curiosity and I just had to know more. Further researched helped me discover that the site has been around for years. And no one has ever been caught from using the site. So I decided to take the chance and purchase from them. 

 What I decided to purchase was the Advanced Afghan Skunk Feminised Seeds, I bought one pack of seeds for $6.94. This is actually a wonderful idea. These cannabis seeds for sale are actually better for your wallet. Instead of giving $10 to your local dealer for only enough weed to get you about one blunt, when your grow it yourself you can get so much more. For example I only paid $6.94 for this pack of seeds, and it only took about 6 weeks for them to finish growing and I grew enough weed for 7 blunts.

 The whole process was very simple. You pick what seeds you want to order. Then ounce you get to the payment screen it ask you if you want stealth or super stealth shipping. I wouldn't take any chances so go for super stealth. The waiting process is the most stressful. Your waiting around, tracking your package and hoping that it doesn't get intercepted. But luckily it all went smoothly and I received the package. The seeds were hidden in a unmarked dvd case.

 I am not condoning the purchasing of illegal drugs. But if you chose to do it making your own decision then I recommend going with Herbies Head Shop. It's much better be a grower getting more for your money then getting scammed by your local dealer. That's all the Cannabis Wiki has for you today. Remember to share this post with all your people and to stay lifted. Make sure to follow us on twitter, to be the first to know about new post.


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